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How do I turn off my water? Where is my stop tap?

The stop tap (sometimes called a stop cock) is often found under the kitchen sink. If your kitchen has been refitted or extended, try looking where the sink used to be, which can even be under a window. It is often located on an outside wall.


If you have a house with a cellar the stop tap may be down there, follow a cold pipe if unsure until you find it.


It can also be found in a garage if you have one attached to your home. A downstairs bathroom is another pace to try.


Another possibility is a stop tap on the pavement outside your property. Contact your local water board for further information.


When you find the stop tap turn it clockwise, you made need a pair of grips if it is old and stiff but be careful not to break it. Remember, righty tightly, lefty loosie.


In an emergency it’s a good idea to open all taps in the home and leave them running. This may stop water or reduce flow to the pipe or fitting that’s leaking.


We are happy to fit a new stop tap if the one you have isn’t working or replace it with a modern Surestop which is a stop tap that is as easy to turn off as a light switch and can be installed in an easily reachable position.


EmergencyMan Plumbing in Leeds are approved Surestop installers


Water has leaked onto my electrics, what should I do?

Water and electrics are dangerous, do not take any chances!!!


You should immediately turn off the power at the main consumer unit (fuse box) if safe to do so. This is usually located next to the electricity meter. In some properties it is located in a white box on the outside of the building.


If there is a problem with the electrical supply to your property contact the supplier.


At Emergencyman we can also send out a Qualified Electrician who can dry out the electric circuits and test them to make sure that they are safe. He has decades of experience in dealing with such issues.



Why buy from EmergencyMan?

There are definite benefits to purchasing fixtures and fittings from EmergencyMan Plumbing. If you purchase these items at a local D.I.Y outlet they may be of a lesser quality than those we can supply.


In addition, years of experience has provided us with the necessary product knowledge to help you select the correct products to meet your needs and budget.


We are VAT registered. A VAT invoice is given with every transaction.


We are also in a position to help you with warranties when products are purchased through us. Usually in such cases when items are covered under warranty service is provided at no additional charge.


This is not the case when warranty service is required on items not purchased from your plumber.


For example, if you purchase a shower at a D.I.Y outlet because its slightly cheaper then what your plumbing contractor can sell it at but still ask them to install it, In most cases they will install it but limit their warranty to the installation only and not the product.


If the shower subsequently needed to be returned to the place of purchase and reinstalled you might find yourself paying additional charges that could have been avoided if you purchased the same shower through your plumber in the first instance.


The initial savings on the cheap price that attracted you in the first place could easily be eroded if problems with the product developed.


What are your charges?

When a professional tradesman arrives at your property many costs already have been incurred just to get himself and his van there ready and prepared to complete the job.


To provide these services in your home costs money, these costs (overheads), as in any business are passed on to the consumer. The charge for such services cannot be judged solely by the time it takes him/her to make repairs or perform other related tasks.


A big part of overhead expenses is attributed to the constant maintenance and replacement of tools and equipment, advertising, training and vehicles.


The added expense of office equipment and inventory also must be recovered in the cost of doing business. These elements combined with insurance expenses, salary (tradesmen and office staff) and profit are all used to determine the selling cost of goods and services. When you pay our tradesmen, you receive the value of his/her years of experience, skill, and knowledge.


Sometimes the plumber may do nothing more than look at a job and diagnose the problem, this will still result in a charge in most cases because there are still overhead expenses involved in just getting to the job to do this. All things considered the cost for a tradesman’s time spent solving and fixing a problem in your home is not the only factor in determining cost. Operating a dependable service business that provides reliable service requires organisation, competent management and a substantial capital investment.


We like to be 100% honest, clear and upfront about our charges. Our hourly (or part of) rates are explained at the time of booking. Parts are charged at a fair retail price. On completion of work you will be presented with a fully itemised invoice detailing work done, time spent and parts used.


What are your payment terms?

For non-account customers payment is on completion of work. In some circumstances we may require a deposit. Payment can be made by cash or debit/card, we are PCI compliant, payments are handled by AIB and we do not accept cheques.

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